Moving To Minden

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This is a picture of the moving van as it dwarfs the front yard of the Milpitas home.
This is a picture of the moving van as it is dwarfed by the front driveway of the Minden home.
The contents of the Milpitas home took up only a third of the available space in the moving van.
Most of the boxes were initially stored in the garage.
In house hunting and moving we made many trips between Milpitas and Minden. This was not unpleasent because of the wonderful scienery we saw from the road through the Sierras.
This is the Minden home shortly after we took possession in October of 2004.
The kitchen is much larger (3X!) than the Milpitas kitchen.
The Minden living room is very largw and boasts a wood stove that can heat the whole house during the coldest winter nights.
The property includes a cold frame for growing more delicate plants.
Our back yard is a half acre in size. It had been used as a horse exercise area and now is used for Glenn's Ham radio antennas.
We have a wonderful view of the east slope of the Sierras. This picture includes Job's peak and Job's Sister.
We are often treated to glorious sunsets. In this picture, the sun's rays stream around the Heavenly Valley ski resort.